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Professional greenhouses are increasingly important to meet global requirements on controlled vegetables & fruit production and floriculture. Especially the vegetables & fruit production have the challenge to increase quantities in a controlled environment, 365 days per year at any location, in line with the growing population.

This is a major challenge in addition to improved efficiency and especially substantial reduction of fossil energy. This requires innovative developments on new technologies for greenhouses, including the elementary lighting systems. It needs thinking out of the box. That is what Qwestland is about.

Qwestland has it roots in the heart of the Westland region in the Netherlands, a famous and globally leading region for agriculture expertise. At Qwestland our goals are to deliver innovative lighting systems for the horticulture sector that improve production & efficiency and substantially reduce energy usage and heat production.

Although that is a real challenge, we managed to achieve this! We developed and deliver an innovative full spectrum lighting solution that is very efficient and green.

Generate a micro-climate on plants

Next Generation
sustainable horticulture lighting solutions

At Qwestland we believe in the laws of Nature. Light = energy that the plants need. Plants have evolved over millions of years based on the full spectrum light of the sun. If you skip colors out of that spectrum, plants will miss vital types of energy; that is obvious.

So we don’t try to tweak nature: we follow Nature and provide a full spectrum light solution, based on advanced LED technology, which has a maximum effect on the plants performance.

Our full spectrum lighting solution reduces over 40% of the energy consumption in a greenhouse. It has over 98% efficiency on energy usage. And it doesn’t produce any heat in the top of the greenhouse, but generates a microclimate around the plants.

For the human eyes, the light is white, so easy to determine the right color of the product and comfortable to work in. Compare it with the purple light other suppliers produce: what do you think is more in line with the laws of nature?

Excellent light spectrum

Qwestland Solution

The Qwestland solution is able to reduce direct 30% in electrical power input and is directly dimmable, without losing its electrical efficiency. The solution doesn’t generate a lot of heat in the top of the greenhouse, where the heat is not wanted: is generates a microclimate around the plants, implicating there is less heat needed.

This is an additional saving of up to 15% of the annual heat production. The lamps can be placed under 1,20 mtr. above the head of the plant, without burning it.

We don’t only our clients to be efficient and green: this applies also for ourselves. So the Qwestland solution itself is over 98% efficient on energy usage. It has a modular design, where components can be swapped and replaced, reducing waste of components and extending the technical lifetime of the products. Packaging is made of recycled carton, and we managed to reduce the amount of packaging per lamp drastically.

Reduce heat in top of greenhouse


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